Thursday, July 7, 2011

YesterDay .. ToDay .. Day

Hi all , how are you today .. 
if your bodies has no syntax errors 
.. congrats you are still alive !

if you do not have  run time errors 
so you are still a rational person 

anyway , This question came to my mind , 
How can you go through life pretending that you're happy? 
emm .. my brain was under  debugging  level lool ,but surprise
i found the answer without errors "SHEER UP =D"! 

Dear me just .. change your day style , 
and you will feel how happy you are , 
and no need to pretend anymore ! 
>> Wow ~ how wise am i ! -,-"
so our destination was "The  ZOO" !

this is a snapshot of my trip .. , 



as every body knows am a good gamer 
 i like programming and web developing so much. 

am starting now read, learn and try some games coding !
at the end am IT student , and ITSs shouldn't stop working 
because every day there is a new thing showing up so these 
days am busy on this project i hope it is finish before the 
next semester without any errors , am working on it 
to keep my knowledge refreshing , and to  improve my skills 
and knowledge .. so yeah keep this in your mind
" we are all time students "  ..  !  
--> Dr. Mohammed thanks ,

 As you see my agenda is completely full nowadays.
 just ten days left for my trip to Turkey
and am praying to go to Omra this Ramadan ! 
D3watcooom !  i really need to do Omra than anything else ! 


Finally ,  these words for my brother , 
i wanna say congratulation Bro .. you grow up 
and you will be a groom Allah 2a Denya ! 
Tommorow is a big day for you .. hope 
God bless you &  bless my rest brothers not only in this day 
but also in your entire life ! love yaa all  .. 
even Saif ! oh this little cutey boy !! i love him :$ !